001. Why Blog?

Friday, 7 February 2014

Welcome abord the humble abode, 

Why blog... I have "owned" many blogs over the years, starting up and forgetting. This time I want to stay, mainly because I love writing, and I love the internet.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself, bonjour! I speak two languages English and French, I love children (I work in two schools). I am a teacher, a mentor, a sister, a daughter. I have a strong relationship with books, television, movies, and sims. I am a tea drinker, just sugar please. I graduated high school, I took a couple university courses, and became a fabulous educational assistant where I get to work with special needs children. I also love hair and makeup, I am (almost) a licensed hairdresser, I am a makeup artist, focussing on special effects. I love animals... mainly wild. Tigers, zebras, giraffes, the whole nine yards! Oh and don't let me forget I love, let me say love one more time to be dramatic, I love cats!

One day I will go back to school and take my full education degree, and one day I will move away from this city, I don't know when or how but one day it will happen.

I am always getting sick, and when I get sick I get sick... today is my second week with a running flu bug! (YAYY.... not) I am a sucker for musicians, people with accents, and can speak, multiple languages. I am planning on signing up for a ASL course, because I think its important to speak to all sorts of people.

I think I will keep this short, let the mystery intensify a bit...

I will see you in the future my humble readers (not that I have any ... yet!)

****I am also not going to be mentioning my name on this blog, and I will change all names as well.... I do not feel comfortable with sharing names because of the circumstances. If you figure out who I am, or who the people in the blog are, good for you, but keep it to yourself.****